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Title 136

If its wrttien by natalie13_au, then the color is red
If its written by me, eyepoky, then the color is blue
If its written by gurl53092, then the color is green
If its written by drunkensnorlax, then the color is green

Natalie had spent the night outside a motel but when she woke up she went inside to buy some
breakfast.  "What would you like?" The waitress asked.
"Just a bowl of cornflakes please." Natalie replied.  The waitress disappeared. While Natalie was waiting
she saw Josh looking for a table.  "Hey Josh!"  She yelled. "Sit over here!"

Eyepoky and Eevee wake up<br>and let out a mighty yawn.  a weedle appeard.  Eyepoky let out a big
laugh.  Houdor go, Eyepoky screamed.  Ember.  before the weedle know what happen, it was toasted.  Eyepoky contiune to walk

The waitress had come back already and Natalie had finished her breakfast. Josh already disappered so she went outside for a walk. She saw a guy (Scott) up ahead...

Eyepoky and Eevee was eating White Castle cheese burgers, when Natalie came up to them, there must have been about a hundrend boxs all round them.  Eevee knocked over a bag and more cheese burgers came out.  Scott grabed one and the musterd squirted Natalie.  Scott  looked up.  Oh i sorry, Here what a burger?

Natalie smiled. "It's ok about the mustard. I have heaps of spare shirts. Oh, and yes, I would like a burger. Thanks."

Natalie looked at Scott (Eyepoky). "Anyway, I've gotto get on my way to Mt. Moon! Where are you headed?"

Sara smiled. "It's time I trained my Pokemon so I can start Operation Lugia..." Sara walked out of her hotel room and went downstairs. She saw a guy (Josh) and decided to talk to him, he looked familar. "Hi, I'm Sara." She said to him.  

Eevee jumped  not sure, any were im need

Natalie nodded. "Hmmm... Well, why don't you come to Mount Moon with me?"

Natalie looked at Eyepoky. "I heard that the ledgendary bird, Ho-oh, comes out every 1000 years... And 1000 years will be in two weeks... I'm gonna search for it. Wanna join me?" Natalie asked. "We have to make our way to Bill's Lighthouse in Cerulean City... Then the sea will tell us where to go."
=====Sara had walked away from this Josh guy because he just ignored her. She decided to walk in the forest and she saw two ppl talking about a ledgendary bird.  "If I get this for the boss he will definatly give me a pay rise!" She smiled.

eyepoky looked at his eevee  eevee smiled  We're in, when do we leave?

"We better leave tomorrow morning. We have to travel through Mount Moon and I don't want to do that at night!" Natalie said.

tomorrow?  come eevee, we must get ready eevee looks up, what about the... eyepoky looks down, don't worry i hadn't forgotten  two hours passes.... natalie begins to wake up<br>sees eyepoky with a pack(still with the price tag on)and eevee with a sack of 800.  ok we're ready

"Uhhh..." Natalie yawned. "Ok, just give me a minute."  Natalie fixed her hair up and shoved a breakfast bar down her throat.  "Yep, I'm ready."  Natalie grabbed her pack and started to walk up to the mountains...

and the walk for about a dayr eevee: are we there yet? Scott: be quiet, there could be a wild pokemon up here Natalie: duh!! we're looking for wild pokemon  Eevee: laughs.  the laughs makes a big eco  suddently tons of zubats attack our heroes

Natalie ducked down and released Abra. "CONFUSION ATTACK NOW!" Abra closed its eyes and used confusion on the Zubats. They started attacking eachother! "Run into the cave!" Natalie yelled. "Quick!"

deep into the cave they go  eevee jumps into eyepoky's pack and takes a cheese burger  the far they go, the dark it gets until eevee: hay  i can't see  Scott: wheres the flashlight we bought<br>eevee: there wasn't enough space for the castles Scott turns to Natalie  Scott: do u have a light?  right after the words come out of his mouth, something grabs eevee

Natalie took out her flashlight and turned it on. "Where's Eevee?"  She asked.  Suddenly the flashlight blacked out.  "Oh no!" She mumbled. "Dead batteries...

eyepoky take the flashlight and smashes it against the floor, the light flickers, then goes on  Eevee?  Natalie : shh!! becare for there could be a trapsuddently, Scott steps on a trap  A big boulder drops and rolls toward the group  Screams can be heard

Natalie bolted into a nearby turnoff and watched the bolder pass.  Natalie: Phew! Uh oh!  Scott!  Suddenly she can hear Eevee.  Natalie: Quick! Help me get Scott!

Scott tried to dogde the boulder, but he was to slow  he is knocked down a hill  Scott smashes against the wall and a pokeball drops  pichu pops out, and sends a thundershock out suddently 10 Geodudes appear pichu gets scared and sends out another thundershock

Natalie ran down the hill with Eevee after she heard a massive thundershock.  "Scott" She yelled. "Are you ok?"

Eyepoky moved like a drunken man  "did any one get the licesne plate of that truck?"  Natalie and eevee watch as eyepoky falls over pichu runs to eevee and tells what happened eevee and pichu look up at natalie, there sad little eyes tell her, "now what?"

Natalie picked up Scott. "We will have to let him rest for a while. He's still alive." Natalie walked to a nearby tree and put Scott down. She sat down and started to make lunch.

Scott couchs up blood  "fine, really, its just a flesh woon  Scott gets up and looks around, where out?  Scott picks up Natalie, and begans to dance  suddently a dark shadow came ourheroes  Eevee and pichu look up and their jaws drops Scott and Natalie stop dancing and look up, and their mounths drop Suddntly a huge bird appearred, so big in fact that it blocked the sun  the bird land 2 feet away from Scott and Nataline the bird look at Eyepoky and Nataline and said, Ho-oh!

"Holy crap!" Natalie yelled. "It's Ho-oh!"  he took out all her Pokemon and got a Pokeball...Ho-oh!" Ho-oh screamed as it released it's a sleep powder.  "Uhhh..." Natalie and her Pokemon fell to the ground. They were asleep!

Scott pichu go  pichu looks up and gets scared  eevee tries a tackle attack but is knocked out. Scott : Houndour i choose you  Houndour looked up at Ho-oh at growled  While Scott whent and check up on Natalie

Natalie slowly got up. "Uh, I think I'm ok now. Well just a bit drowsy... But my Pokemon are still asleep and I don't have any awakings!"

Houndour did every thing it could but it was no match for ho-oh  Scott wips the blood off his face  This is a lost cause, i think we better get the hell out of here Natalie looks up and saids......

"Ho-oh is too strong..." Natalie cried out.  BANG!  Suddenly a big net caught Ho-oh because it was distracted. "Muhahaha!" It was Sara from Team Rocket.  "Ho-oh is mine! All mine!"  "We must get Ho-oh from Team Rocket!" Natalie yelled as she put her Pokemon in their Pokeballs. "Let's go!"

Scott looks up  houndor  Scott looks and his pokmeon is to tired  !@#$%^&  Scott and natalie look on helpless  Scott: oh now what?  eevee: not worry, i put a tracker on ho-oh, when u 2 were to busy worring about what to do  Scott reaches into his pack and after taking out 3 cheseburgers, found the homing device  beep   Scott: ok we have a singal lets go

Suddenly a new trainer rushes into the scene.  Panting, she waited until she got her breath back. "I saw the whole thing and I'm in with u guys." the strange girl said. "My name is Katie and I know how to get Ho-Oh free"

Scottpicks up eevee and puts him on his head, looks at natalie and agrees  whats the plan?

Natalie smiled. "Hi Katie. I don't know what the plan is at the moment... Well I guess we just follow the tracking device." ===== "Muhahaha!" Sara smiled as she dialed the boss's number into her phone. "Boss!" She said. "I've got Ho-oh! What now?"  "Bring it to the Team Rocket Headquarters in Celedon City!"  "I'll be there in a few days. I'm just about to go to Cerulean City. Mount Moon has caved in but I can walk around it." "Great. Check Ho-oh for any tracking devices first."  "I will.  Bye."  "Bye."  Sara hanged up and started to check Ho-oh. She found a small device under it's wing.  "Ah ha!" She laughed as she put it onto a nearby Paras. "Those idiots will probably end up in Pallet Town or something!  Muhahaha!"

I was walking along the path near a river and a guy came up to me. "Hi my name is Swimmer Evan and I challenge you to a battle!" I accepted. He sent out Horsea and I sent out Mareep. "Mareep use your Thundershock!" I said. "Horsea use your Smokescreen!" he said. Mareep Thundershocked the Horsea and it was so powerful that Horsea fainted. "Good job" said Swimmer Evan, "Your really strong. After winning my first battle, I decided to go fishing. It didn't take long before I caught a Magikarp. It wouldn't go down without a fight though. I called out Teddiursa this time. "Teddiursa use your Scratch!" The Magikarp was weakened but not out of the match yet. It flopped around and did Splash Attack. Of course it had no effect. "Teddiursa finish it with one more Scratch Attack!" Magikarp was really weak now. "Pokeball, go!" The Pokeball hit Magikarp and it went inside.  

Natalie, Scott  and Katie continued on walking.  "That Team Rocket girl is sure moving fast! She must have no sense of direction too since we are going in curves not straight." Natalie sighed. "OUCH!" She suddenly screamed. A Paras had scrached her!  "Go Pidgey!" She yelled.  "Paras!" Paras screamed.  Pidgey used tackle. Paras scrached Pidgey. Pidgey used tackle one more time and Paras collapsed. Natalie took out a Pokeball and threw it. Paras went inside... Would it stay?

Natalie looked at Scott then to Katie.  "Cerulean City..." She smiled. "It's so beautiful. Now where could this Sara girl be?"-------Sara laughed as she walked around Cerulean City. Ho-oh was asleep in it's Pokeball and it was getting late so she decided to find a place to stay.

Scott look at every one with a puzzled look  Suddently, Eevee began running in circles screaming  "WE're doomed"  Scott shoke his head  You know he's right?

"No!" Natalie sighed. "We are not doomed! Look, Ho-oh's feathers have left a trace of rainbow. We better follow it."

Josh was waking up from his slumber when he heard a knocking on the wall.huh i wonder who that could be *Josh Get up it's the cops Josh jumps up and gets barely dressed running out the door and down the steps of the hotel around a corner in a alley way.Huff Huff *a strange person with a black cape walks up to him and says you owe me one And walks away  Josh looks to see a Big R on his cape.Hey wait who are you Josh yells .strange man just call me a friend the strange man throws a smoke grenade at te ground and he was gone

some girl walks up to Josh and says "Hi names sarah".josh walks right by her like she wasn't even there.  ok I know you want out he says to his pokeball He unleashes meowth and squirtle .SO what do you think on going into the caves of mount moon Guys?squirtle nods his head yes while meowth nods no Ok ok I'll flip a coin then heads we go tails we don't *Josh flips the coin *heads* then onto mount moon.hey don't be mad meowth there might be good loot in them caves right?MEWWwwW.  on their way to the caves they see a Firey figure fly over head. Wow that isn't moltress is it? squirtle was shivering in fear .are you all right squirtle ?squirtle takes off running.Hey get back here *Josh takes off running after it*

God damn it squirtle *josh running with his pokeball trying to return him get back here*squirtle runs into a cave while josh in hot pursuit *damn it Huff Huff*squirtle trips over a stone and Josh finaly returns him with a stern voice Don't ever do that again !!! Huff Huff Josh Looks around and says "I guess we're in the caves with a chuckle". <br><br> well Let me see Josh pulls out a map of the caves if we're here then we're almost through the caves ******smash*****OWEEEEEEEEE yells Josh what the hell was that josh gets up and starts to yell at meowth put to his surprise he saw a Geodude standing there (GEO GEO the geodude says   josh unleashes caterpie caterpie string shot  geodude punch caterpie tackle geodude punch Josh returns caterpie and sends out squirtle and squirtle does bubble Josh throws a pokeball

Eevee stoped running in circles  Scott wiped the blood off his face  Ok then lets go

Natalie, Scott and Katie started to follow the track until they reached the door of a room in a nearby hotel.  "She must be in there." Natalie whispered.

Scott quickly moved toward the wall and began to move slowly, like snake from metal gear solid.  Eevee: where can she be?  a loud noice is heard from the third floor  Katie: we most go to the third floor  scott sees a window and goes out a laugh is heard  eevee: u coming?  Natalie and Katie looked puzzled  Natalie: no thanks we'll take the stairs  Natalie and katie walk up the stairs, while while scott climbs the hotel  Natalie and Katie make it to the third floor, when suddently A door opens, and someone jumps out

"Stop the racket silly girls!" A man yelled out as he opened his door. "I'm trying to get some shuteye!"  "Oh sorry!" Natalie aplogised as she ran towards another door.  "Muhahaha!" Someone smiled "To protect the world from infestation to save all people from desperation!  Sara..."  "Snorlax." "Team Rocket will beat without a fight! Surrender now or prepare to die!"

sedntly scott and eevee jump throu the window  the one rocket looked around, she was trapped, yet she seamed to have a smile on her face

Sara smiled and chucked a smoke bomb onto the ground. She disappeared.  "Quick! Run outside!" Natalie ran outside and looked around. Sara was no where to be seen.

Scott smiled  don't worry he points to a trale of mustarded foot prints "I used to the mustard i had from the white castles" Eevee began to cry

"What's wrong Eevee?" Oddish asked in Pokemon talk. "Did Scott use all your mustard?" Natalie smiled. "Great!" She started to follow the trail... It lead to the Rock Tunnel.

Another cave?  scott seamed sad quickly he grabs a cheese burger and eats it  eevee has a puppy  dog look  scott gives one 2 eevee lets go they walk  wait something doesn't feelright

Natalie looked at Scott then Eevee. "Uh, what exactly was in that cheeseburger?" She asked. "And where's Katie?"

Scott and Eevee both suddenly fainted.  "Scott!" Natalie quickly grabbed the cheeseburger. "What's in this?" She opened it... A white substance was  inside. "Oh dear..." Scott started to slowly open his eyes.
-----"Muhahahaha!" Sara laughed. "That stuff is great Snorlax!"  "Snore?" Snorlax rolled over.  "I can't belive your sweat could make someone faint! Now, it's time to meet the boss!" Sara walked inside the TEAM ROCKET HEADQUARTERS.  "Hello Sara. What do you have for me today?" Giovanni said.  "You wouldn't believe it boss. I've got a Ho-oh!"

scott let out a big yawn and fell a sleep, in his sleep he talks, "father, father noooooooooooooooooo! oh cheeseburgers yum"  nat look at eevee who too was talk (i be a good eevee i promise,nooooooooooo. thank  you scott) (PAUSE)  (oh cheese burgers) nat stand puzzled, her party of 3 is now down to just her WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she screamed but they didn't wake up she remembers scott saying he hadn't had sleaped in years she began who worry about the ho-oh, realising any hope of getting it  back is hopeless suddently Nat looked, and her mouth dropped

"AHHHH!" Natalie screamed.  "SNORLAX!"  There was a giant Snorelax sleeping in front of her... When she screamed she woke it up... It was MAD!  "SNORLAX!" It got up and walked towards her.  "AHHHH!" Natalie grabbed Scott and Eevee and started to run.  "Good work Snorlax!" Sara laughed. "Now, chase them!" Sara jumped  onto Snorlax. It started to chase the heros...

suddently Scott awake and throw a poke ball at snorlax Houndour appear "ember attack"  snorlax got hit by the ember attack  sara looked surpise  "how come your now sleeping?"  Scott laughed  "i'm an Insomniac!"  snorlax wiped its face and was ready for battle

"Grrr!" Sara growled. "Snorlax! Use tackle!"  Snorlax used tackle attack on Hondour... Although it seemed to have a body slam effect.  "Ok, rest now! Go Meowth!"  Natalie laughed and took out Pidgey. "Sand attack!"  Pidgey used sand attack and Meowth couldn't see!  "MEOWWWWTTTTHHHH!"

Hondour sheaked in pain "bite, now" Hondour jumped in to and bite snorlax hondour jumped back and watched what the next move would be

"SNORLAX!" Snorlax howled in pain and then collapsed. Sara hadn't healed her Pokemon in a very long time... Instead of 500HP he had 50HP!  Sara grabbed her Pokeball and returned Snorlax. "Meowth, you're my only hope now..."
Natalie:  "PIDGEY!" Pidgey used peck.  Meowth ducked and used fury swipes. It turned around and quickly  tackled Hondour. It then went back and forth - fury swiping Pidgey and tacking Hondour...

Scott quickly recalled his pokemon  " pichu go!"  thunder shock now

Meowth yelped and suddenly fainted.  "Grrr!" Sara growled. "Meowth return!"  Sara quickly jumped in her Team Rocket Air Balloon and flew off. "MUHAHAHAHA!" She laughed. "I'VE STILL GOT HO-OH!"  "Pidgey! Peck that balloon!" Natalie instructed.  Pidgey started to fly up then fainted. It needed rest...

Scott began to laugh  Sara looked confused  "oh eevee!"  Sudently eevee jumped on to Sara's head, then onto the baloon  Eevee smiled, his teeth let out a bright sparkle  Sara: you wouldn't   Eevee's smiled grow and bites the baloon  Sara nows she's in trouble

"Uh oh..." Sara growled as her balloon collasped to the ground.  "SNORLAX?" Snorlax suddenly woke up. "GRRRR!" Someone had disturbed it's sleep..."GRRR!" It yelled as it did a massive body slam on Eevee. Suddenly I jumped out of the balloon and softly landed on the ground.BANG!  Sara and Meowth landed on Snorlax...

Scott qickly jumped toward sara and put her into a head lock Sara was doomed, yet she let out a laugh "Give it back or else"  sara laughed again  Eevee seamed puzzled but quickly put mewth and snorlax in thier place

Sara laughed one more time then pulled out a small bottle.  "Snorlax! Meowth! Come here!" She yelled.  Both Pokemon ran from Eevee and went to Sara.  POOF!  Sara chucked the potion onto the ground and disappeared with her  Pokemon.  "What the? Where did they go?" Natalie stood there, stunned.

Scott looked at the ground "look" there were foot prints they follow them all the way to a building Scott saw a window and look in, he could see ho-oh "this must be there base" suddently scott and natalie fell into a trap they slide down a slide and landed into a dark room suddently the lights went on

"Hahaha!" Sara laughed as some locked Natalie and Scott in a jail  cell. "Getting into the Team Rocket Headquarters isn't that easy..."  "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Natalie screamed. "AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!

THe guards left, leaving only Scott and natalie in the cell.  scott reached for his pokeball, but decide that his pokemon needs a rest.  Scott looked at the jail cell, he noticed that there was a number pad.  Scott though long and hard, be began to glow Scott when over to the pad and pressed some numbers  The door opened  Scott walk out  "you coming?"

Natalie was stunned. "How did you do that?" She asked.

Scott turned to natalie, "I'm psyhic" Natalie still is stunned  I work for the group, that that is tring to free all the ledgedary pokemon that tr has kindaped the man who killed my father is in this biulding come u don't have much time

Natalie nodded. "Ok... Now, we better find the elevator!"-----"They're coming boss." Sara grumbled.  "Good. Good. Everything is going to plan."

Scott and natakie rode the elevator, until scott began to open the top and jump up on top of the elevator. he then pulled natalie up along with him. the elevator stop and the door open, then guards began to pour in, while they searched, scott and natalie climbed toward the next door, the elevator began to start again scott open the door and they went into it.  as they came throught the door, they saw a smile  Sara's

"Heheheh..." Sara cackled. "Guards?"  "Let me go!" Natalie cried. "Let me go!"  The guards took Natalie and Scott to a special jail cell. The guards  also took their Pokemon and put them with Ho-oh... Down in the  basement's secret passage!

scott stand on the floor and began to medatate he began to cry, "eevee"  Eevee woke, he notice that there were no gaurds in the evlator so eevee jumped in the door way, he stealthly made his way toward scott and natalie he heard lots of noice he jumped into the air duck and quickly he ran.

"I wonder what's going on..." Natalie sighed.  "The building is going to explode! EVACUATE NOW!" Sara yelled to her co-workers as she jumped down the firestairs.  "Oh no!" Natalie screamed. "HELP! We're trapped in here!"

the biulding began to shake, and eevee fell down the wrong shaft and land in a room filled with pokeballs. Eevee smiled and jumped up toward a table, and he clicked a button on the bakc of the ball and pichu came out eevee quickly explain what was happening pichu points, eevee and pichu quickly grabe all the balls and put them into scott bag Eevee looks into the bag and smiles, he grabbs a pokeball and throws ho-oh comes out, the pokemon jump on his back  Eevee: <quick lets find scott and nat>

"HELP!" Natalie screamed.  BOOM!  Sara has just closed the last steel gate. Anyone who was still inside  would never escape... Or would they?

as the buidling began to explode, a huge pokemon sored over the biulding and on it back sat.  ho-oh came with distance and scott and nat jumped scott recalled ho-oh!  scott's clothes were slightly burn, his nail polish had fallen off. his eye brow had a huge  cut and his jacket was ripped  "it looks like we have some unfinish business, Giovanni. You killed my father, now perare to meet your maker"

Natalie had cuts and scratches all over but she wouldn't give up. "You are pure evil Giovanni. You deserve to die."  "No! Scott's father was the one who deserved to die!" Giovanni laughed.  "Muhahahah!" Sara laughed. "You will never escape!" She pulled out a gun!  "Oh... Oh dear." Natalie mumbled.

as sara pulled out her scott quickly kicked it out off her hand and tackled Giovanni  Scott began to puch giovanni in the head sara whent to help her boss, but eevee jumped up and bit her sara screamed in pain, then throw eevee "little rat", she shreaked scott continue to punch giovanni, suddently he stopped moving  "NO" Sara screamed  sara took out a one bullet gun from her shoe and pointed at scott  "!@#$%^&*" she stated  Natalie try to take the gun, but the gun fired and hit scott in the leg  Scott dropped to his knees  Eevee looked on in horror, then began to glow

"NO! BOSS!" Sara ran towards Giovanni. "AHHHH!" She then pointed the gun to Natalie.  "Go Cleffa!" Natalie yelled.  BANG!  Sara shot Cleffa.  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Natalie cried as she grabbed Sara's hair.

suddently josh and katie show up with tons of cops, Sara put her hands up and the cops surrended her Natalie put her fallen cleffa in her arms, a tear began to drip josh: if only we would of got here sooner the cops pick up the boss who was now breathing slightly katie looked to scott, "your hurt" Scott slow stood up and walked to natalie "it will be ok" SCott look at katie "where have u been" "trying to save your sorry behind" the cops took the gang the pokemon center, where cleffa got better  Josh "well i guess we'll be seeing u" KAtie and josh left  scott and natalie sat there for a while not saying a word  until natalie broke the silence