Serves Me Right

     As I look back on my life, I realize one important event that I believe changed me for the better.  That would be my first year in college.  On June 24, 2000, I departed my house for my first day of college.  I was privileged to attend classes at DeVry College of Technology.  I was enrolled in the Electronic Engineer Techntian program or EET for short.  I sat there not talking to anyone, just minding my own business, for the first two weeks, until of course I met a new friend.
     Like anybody who has a hobby, they tend to get their friends into them as well.  With my new friend, we tried to get to know one and other and the best way was to list our hobbies.  I told him all of my hobbies, however, there was one of them he had never heard of and it sound interesting to him.  That was Magic: The Gathering, Magic, for short, is a card game where players act as wizards, each with their own decks, and try to destroy the other wizards by casting creatures and spells.  I taught my new friend how to play; little did I know the mistake I just.  The ten of us would play for hours at times, some would play before class, and some during class, and the gang would play after class.  However it didn’t stop there we then began to miss class.  There I was with the final exam in my hands; I sat down and took it cold turkey.  I took most of my tests in my senior year of high school that way.
     Like most high school seniors, I didn’t try very hard in class.  I did just enough to get by.  In P. E. class, if the most time you could take was ten minutes for the mile, I would cross the finish line at nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds.  When it came to DeVry, if I was to write a three to five page paper, I would barely write three pages.  Even my homework suffered I saw it as a burden rather than a necessity.  My school life was suffering due to my family life.
     My family consists of my father, mother and three boys, me being the middle child.  My father lost his legs in a steel actadent and when I got him made, he would come hopping.  My mother destroyed my self-esteem and darkened me.  I looked up to my old brother, until we got into a huge fight.  My younger brother, however, has not plagued me as much as the rest of my family.  Therefore, as my problem at home continued, the ropes of DeVry began to break and I fell.
     As I look back at my life, I finally realize the foolish mistakes that I made.  I hope all the pain and suffering I caused and taken was for the best.

     "Am I wasting all my time, chasing innocence to find, a time in my time when I should have known better?"-H2O "Memory Lane"
     "If I could turn back, if I could find a way, I’d take back those words that you and you’d stay"-Cher "If I could turn back"