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"Biotech is Godzilla"
I This essay I wrote for college English, had to write an essay on biotechnology.  Its called "Biotech is Godzilla."

     More than 200 million people worldwide have been helped by the more than 90 biotechnology drug products and vaccines.  There are more than 350 biotechnology drug products and vaccines currently in human clinical trials and hundreds more in early development in the United States.  Consumers are already enjoying biotechnology foods such as vine-ripened, longer lasting tomatoes and better-tasting carrots and peppers.  There are 1,283 biotechnology companies in the United States.  Webster states that biotechnology is the "biological science when applied especially in genetic engineering and recombinant DNA technology."

     "The new temporal theory of evolution replaces the idea of life as mere machinery with idea of life as mere information.  By resolving structure into function to information flows, the new cosmology all but eliminates any remaining sense of species identification.  All living things are no longer perceived as carrots and peas, as foxes and hens, but as bundles of information."

     Jeremy Rifkin stated in his essay "A Heretics View on the New Bioethics," written back in 1983.  Well, big deal, right?  Wrong, because our bodies are no longer thought as perfect machines but as mere bites of information, then you wouldn’t care if a little bit of that information was changed.  So with the help of biotechnology babies with birth defects will be "fixed."  At first, this to seams like no big deal; babies can now can grow up and be all that they can be.  However, taking a second look at this, will it stop there?  Of course not, but what is next?  It could be anything from changing us to a "perfect society" or just mindless zombies.  If biotechnology is to continue upgrading society all living things will drained of their aliveness and turned into nothing but abstract messages of the past.

     Most scientist and citizens would agree how great biotechnology is.  Because of this we can now live healthier, fuller lives, but what one thing we are for getting one thing, who’s in control of biotechnology?  The government, which means there must be something with biotechnology that's more than meets the eye.  Ah but there's is.  The fact is that the government wants to soften the public up, so we can be controlled.  I know what your thinking, with your mouth on the ground, you say what is he talking about?  Well in the movie "the Seven Day" the people knew that idea that cloning people is wrong, so they were sold the idea that cloning animals is all right to soft them up to allow human cloning.  Then you say, "Scott, wake up that's a movie and this is real live."  However, it servers as the example I need to prove my point.  If we continue to allow all this this to happen, not only will monkeys by cloned with jellyfish genes but our freedom lost as well.

     In today's high tech world, just about all of them have a computer in them.  So it would be no surprise if I told you that some people spend hours, even days glued to their computer screens.  Day after day, night after night, they sit there clicking away.  They become so depend on the machine, that it takes their life if not their soul.  For if the machine would crash so would the user.  This can also be said about biotechnology, when a product of biotechnology is produced, people will flock too it.  However, what if it fails, then we will be like Moses in the desert, lost and with out hope.

     " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...  God saw all that he had made, and it was very good."  So life is perfect, if life wasn’t, God won’t be happy.  As we all know, God is very happy with his work. However, there is something that even upsets God.  That is no other than biotechnology.  After God completed making the earth, it was decided that a plan was needed.  So God came up with the divine plan, took lots of though and decided that it was a good plan.  Now with biotechnology, its has changed every thing, and no longer is god look up at as our savior but biotechnology is.  Once biotechnology becomes the creator, then all the morale values that are taught in the bible will be forgot and we will be not able to save ourselves form the waves of the devil.

     However, all is not lost, we the people can stop this devilish act now, we must stand together to fight is evil, protest, rally in the streets, show the government that we not stupid and we know all about the devil that is biotechnology.  For if we do this evil will rule our lives.  In the words of Sepultura, "Biotech is Godzilla."
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