Here is a list of old the old updates, the first five will be on the first page.

MAY 2002
May 19, 2002:  Add a new pic.  jo, spid3y, joo do|\|'7 go7 |\|o povv3rz d4ts joor |-|4|r sparkin
May 07, 2002:  updated my yahoo groups page, add more thinger bobers, add a new counter and add more pics
May 04, 2002:  add more pics.
May 02, 2002:  add another thinger bobber

APRIL 2002
April 24, 2002:  Add my pet, add to the mutlitap section,and have a desktop theme i made, but having troubles with it.
April 21, 2002:  add more to multitap page and add more thinger bobbers
April 20, 2002:  Add more thinger bobbers
April 18, 2002: Add a multitap fun page, add a link and fix dead links.
April 17, 2002: Add opening page
April 15, 2002: And some poems that I wrote a while ago (the yearly ones suck) and add more thinger bobbers
April 11, 2002: updated my yahoo groups page, and dived the link page
April 10, 2002: add more thinger boobers
April 08, 2002: add a new essay.
April 04, 2002: add 2 web ring thingies, moved the aim bar, add more thinger bobbers and got ride of the "Click to receive email when this page is updated" button (is not free anymore)
April 03, 2002: moved that page, and is more about me and add little thinger bobbers to it.
April 02, 2002:  add hinden page
April 01, 2002:  put one more yahoo skin up, add a new section (somewhat), fix a shout up and add one, change the opening song ("your site takes for ever to load") and add a link
March 31, 2002:  add a shout out and a link.

MARCH 2002
March 29, 2002:  change a sound clip
March 28, 2002:  put up one more yahoo skin, a link and more sounds
March 27, 2002:  put the steve yahoo skin back up,add 2 gifs, a link,  changed some colors, add sound 2 the about me section,add a background to the shout section and a shout up
March 26, 2002: moved back to tripod, downloads are still down, still having minor problems
March 23, 2002:  add my essays back and put up old updates
March 19, 2002:  yeah after a long time, i finally up dated  my site, changed some links, sadly i had to change site from http://members.tripod.com/eyepoky/ to http://fortunecity.com/meltingpot/park/38/id86.htm (not sure why) and when i burn the data on the cd i left out all pics and sounds grrrrrr, so sound and downloads don't work double grrrrrr
November 04, 2001:  added a link, add more thing that pisses me off, a new section and a new skin
November 03, 2001:  fixed the form   
November 02, 2001:  changed the background color, add a shout out and a skin  
November 01, 2001:  Changed layout and shorten my brother's picture
  October 30, 2001:  add a skin and a sound file   
  October 29, 2001:  Add a shout out!, remove the 2 links on the top of this page, add new music to the ttpmo section, and a link
     October 27, 2001:  add more things that piss me off, and add a shout out section, took of music from the ttpmo section, add a download section, remove ntt section, and add more things that piss me off
     October 23, 2001:  put the music from the ttpmo section back
     October 22, 2001:  Fixed margins (I think), add an ad for my group, and add more to ttpmo section
     October 18, 2001:  Add and deteled some links.  Add a pic, but of course, not of me
     October 17, 2001:  Fixed lay out,got rid of the side bar, add "A P T N L" on top and bottom, add more things that piss me off and add more links
     September 27, 2001:  Added a link and the form thing
     September 15, 2001:  Added the RED CROSS and the SALVATION ARMY links
     September 12, 2001:  Removed and add links, add another thing that pisses me off, and updated the about me section     September 02, 2001:  Add a link
     August 29, 2001:  Still having trouble so decide to take out the name that tune section
     August 20, 2001:  Still having trouble, add another thing that pisses me off, and updated the about me section
     August 11, 2001:  Still having trouble, changed the side bar
     August 09, 2001:  Still trying to upload, and more to the things that piss me off section, and decide to take down old updates
     August 03, 2001:  Add an intro to the name that tune section, add the side bar, removed the top bar and add gave my link section some order
     August 02, 2001:  Had trouble connecting to the internet
     August 01, 2001:  removed Essays in hopes that it will update fast, might put them back
     July 31, 2001:  still having trouble uploading and removed a dead link
     July 30, 2001:  having trouble uploading
     July 27, 2001:  Add new backgrounds and a name that tune section
     July 26, 2001:  Decided to add a section of things that piss me off and changed the background
     July 25, 2001:  decided the movie thing suck and took it off
     July 24, 2001:  add a new review
     July 16, 2001:  Changed the "Welcome" sign
     July 15, 2001:  Add new review and a link, I also put in some gifs
     July 11, 2001:  Add 1 new review and intro
     July 10, 2001:  Add 3 new movie reviews
     July 09, 2001:  Add a new link and add a new essay, can u find it?
     July 04, 2001:  Sadly, after taking my friends home, an aminal ran in front of my car.  I hope its happy where it is.
     June 03, 2001:  Writing a new essay for English class
  May 29, 2001:  Began summer class at UCC and changed some backgrounds
     May 20, 2001:  Add pictures
     May 01, 20001:  Add more summaries, removed pokemon summary and add music to this page. (U like?)
     April 25, 2001:  still bored, add more summaries (3-6)
     April 24, 2001:  got really bored and add a pokemon episode summary (1-2)
     April 23, 2001:  found the gif, move it, and delete the other ones it pasted;  FOUND OUT That i've been using 2000  insent of 2001
     April 22, 2001:  Add a side bar, and add a pink panther gif but could find where it when
     April 16, 2001:  Add an essay and something else, but I forgot what it is.
     April 10, 2001:  Add a guest book, I think, however, only able to upload updates to my site.
     April 9, 2001:  Finally got my gifs to move! Yahoo!
     April 8, 2001:  changed some fonts, and add some more gif's up can't find out why they don't move
     April 6, 2001:  Add and removed some gifs, change some information, and fix some errors
     March 22, 2001:  Fixed pictures and add a link.
     March 11, 2001:  Changed some stuff, not much.
     February 14, 2001:  Forgot about me web site until so as you can tell not much has happened.
     September 17, 2000: Continuing on my site, but slowed down do to Card Captors, Eseoflowne, and my banners getting doubled( and if I delete one, they both get deleted).
     September 7, 2000: I begin making my site, but got slowed down thanks to Earthbound, homework, and my uncleaned room.