Life in General
1.  Hot dog come packages of 6, but buns come in packages of 8.
2.  Not getting my 9/10 of a cent at the gass station when I get a gallon.
3:  Blind people crossing.
4.  No Earth bound for Game boy Advance.
5.  Buying a Dreamcast, and then it dies a year later.
6.  When someone bumbs into you, and they tell you to watch it.
7.  09/11/01
8.  The Martix is coming out until 2003, dam does that suck.
9.  The only good cartoons are Japanese, can't anyone else make a good cartoon?
10.  People think that all cartoons are for kids, what about the Simpsons and south Park?  Whats wrong with DBZ?

Working at A&P
1.  When the cattle wait until you bag the order in plastic, then tell you the want it in paper and plastic.
2.  When the cattle tell me I HAVE to grind their coffee, which I DO NOT have to.
3.  Express.
4.  When there is a wet spot on the belt, the cattle says I have to clean the entire thing.
5.  When doing carts, the cattle sees that I am working a spot, instead of parking in other 3 parking spaces next me, has to park whereI'm working
6.  When the cattle put the money &/or Bonus Card on the bettle and it goes under.
7.  When the cattle give me the money and tell me how much it is, while I'm counting.
8.  When I'm looking for a code, and the cattle tell me what it is.
9.  Paper Bags
10.  When the cattle tell me that they want their stuff in a bag in a bag!
11.  When the cattle tell me to bag thier stuff in the reguaul.
12.  Customers telling me I HAVE TO bag, when I don't.
13.  When they get a dritty look about the way they say how they want it bagged, "What's your proplem, its your job!"  NO, ITS NO YOUR STUPID !@#$% (Sorry, I really want to say that to that stupid lady!)
14.  When I'm on express and a cattle ask if he/she may enter with 16 items.  NO!
15.  When the cattle laugh at a mistake I have made
16.  When the cattle throw money at me
17.  When the managers stand around, while I need a price check
18.  When the cattle tell what Cigarettes they want, but if I get the wrong one, they have go up with me to get the right ones.

The Internet/Computers
1.  When you goto a porn site and 40 other porn site pop up
2.  That dam Blue Screen of death.
3.  Taking 3 hours to upload my site.
4.  being online for 2 minutes, then getting kicked off.
5.  Free isp kicking u off cause a paid user wants on.

 H A P T D S E G L