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"By Means of a Song and Dance"
This essay I wrote for college English, had to write about a story by K C Cole, I forget the title of the story sorry.  The title of my essay is "By Means of a Song and Dance."
     Have your ever though about how you've become the person you've become today?  I'm not talking about your adventure from the womb.  Instead I'm talking about what "altered" you too the person you are now, from the person you could have been.  What could have influenced you to become this person you are now?  That would be society.  Webster’s dictionary defines society "as a part of a community that is a unit distinguishable by particular aims or standards of living or conduct: a social circle or a group of social circles having a clearly marked identity."

     The late great Lewis Thomas wrote "I maintain that we are born and grow up with a fondness for each other, and that we have genes for that.  We can be talked out of that fondness, for the genetic is like a distant music, and some of us are hard-of-hearing.  Societies are noisy affairs, drowning out the sound of our selves and our connection.  Hard-of-hearing, we go to war.  Stone deaf, we make thermonuclear missiles.  Nonetheless, the music is there, waiting for more listeners."  How did society mellow-out the music, I will explain by means of a song and dance.

     When you are born you are neither nice nor mean; the first person you see is your parent(s).  Your parent(s) appear to you with such warmness that you spend every minute with them, whether it is playing Connected Four or watching Barney.  Unable to think for yourself, you cling on to them, you worship them and even kiss the ground they walk on.  Your parents(s) are all you see, think and believe.   You are so attached, that you want nothing but to become more like your parent(s).

     As you grow, once again society interferes in your daily life.  If your parent(s) buy you love, you tended to become selfish and unforgiving.  However, if you are bought nothing, you feel unloved and become evil.  Therefore, if you aren't shown enough love, you will not turn out all right.

     Now its time for your first day of school, so your parent(s) send you off with your trusty Thunder Cat lunch box.  As you look up at your parent(s), in tears, "don’t worry, you’ll make lots of friends," you're told.  So as you walk in three kids catch your eye, one eating paste, another picking his nose, and the final one throwing blocks at the others.  So you think to yourself who should I talk to, the block thrower, of course.  So as the two of you sit there throwing blocks, you find yourself no longer yourself but a combination of yourself and your new friend, the block thrower.

     Well its time for church, so get dressed in your "Sunday Best" and go to church.  You are about to sit down, when the priest enters the room.  Your parent(s) yell at you for not running over to kiss the priest's feet.  You begin to walk over to the priest; who looks at you with the most devilish, coldest eyes.  You have sinned, you’re told, and your face is dirty and can't enter the gates with juice on your checks.  So after the embarrassment you have suffered, being past your bedtime, you get into your pajamas and are about to fall to sleep, when your parent(s) busted in, and tell you that you have to pray first.  So you get out of your warm sheets, kneel on the cold floor, and pray that the sun never stops shinning.  After words, you climb back into bed, close your eyes, and dream.

     Through high school two important events are waited for graduation and your prom.  So the big day is coming and you really don’t want to go.  However, you must go, for you told your x-girl (boy) friend that you’d take her.  Now you’re S. O. L., so you decide to go with the flow and try to make the best of it.  Your date, no the other hand, won’t allow you to do so.  Your date informs you that the green is tight and you’ll have to pay for most of the expenses.  Finally the day arrives, as your driving to the place, your limo brakes.  You are therefore stuck in the middle of nowhere and in beings to rain.  After a while you are bought to the prom, even soaked to the bone, you still try to go with the flow.  Your date won’t dance with you for some old ball reason.  The night gets worse, so you decide to leave.

     As you leave college, its time to enter the "real world," so you get a job to pay the bills.  You wake up at four-thirty, get dress and go to work.  Your boss tells you that you have a project due in three days.  You begin to have difficulty, so you declare to yourself you’ll finish it tonight.  So as you continue on your project, you receive a phone call from your friends wanting to know if you want to come over and watch wrestling.  Should you continue to work or should you go?  You decide that you can always finish tomorrow, and foolishly you go.  The next day being the same but ends slightly different from the last.  This time you are almost finish with your project, when the phone rings.  This it’s your girl (or guy), who would like to know if you would like to see a movie now.  You want to, unfortunately your project is due tomorrow, so you explain the situation and ask for a rain check.

     In your final years, you are believed to be no longer able to think, you are therefore placed in a "home."  Were you shall find you no longer truly control want goes on in your life.  You are confined to your room, where you must listen to unruly orderlies, for if you fail to do so your teeth, the only thing you have left, shall be discarded.  All you can do is wait, and have people who you can't even remember your name ask how your day went.  Your once meaningful life is now nothing more than clinging on to your teeth and trying to remember your life.

     Greed, corruption, hatred; these are all helped to the mutation of society.  Society once helped lost souls defeat an unruly monarch, establish a world power, and become Americans.  Then there became societies, one so corrupted that power of land wasn't enough they needed power over people as well.  So these two societies began to fight, until they were finally reunited.  Then a mad man came forth from the ashes like a phoenix, a man who decided if you’re not like me you should die.  His hatred mutated society, so much that more pain and suffering was caused.  So a war was fought, and his fire was put out.  Then another society got greedy and decided to invade for more oil, this led to yet another war.  Unless the music is once again heard, greed, corruption, and hatred will continue to run wild.